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About Us

Nomad Theatre Company provides an immersive theatre experience by exposing audience members to eclectic and moving stories in site specific locations. New works. New venues. It’s a season on the move…join us!

Our Latest Projects

Gloria Mundi by Pamela Morgan

Nomad Theatre is producing a reading and a fully staged production of Pamela Morgan’s award winning play, Gloria Mundi. When Gloria is visited by an angel of God with news of the second Messiah, she’s convinced she has a second chance at motherhood, but Jody thinks she’s using again. As the truth slowly unravels, Gloria must wrestle with the demons of her past, Jody must reconcile the specters of his future, and both must confront the very real threat of Harold, Gloria’s recovery counselor. Reading open to the public May 4, 2022 at 6:00. We will then rehearse a fully staged production to be taken to the Indianapolis and St. Louis Fringe Festival. TBD performance to the public.

The Patio Plays

We’re bringing theatre back to your homes with The Patio Plays, inspired by last season’s Front Porch Plays. Plan your patio parties & barbecues for late June and early July, cause we’re bringing the entertainment to you- this time we’re heading past the front porch and onto the scene of the summer shindigs of our dedicated supporters. We’ve missed you! This show is truly going to be rooted in the community, as we’ll travel to your patios, porches, or gardens and perform monologues and scenes written by local playwrights with connections to Central Illinois.

Past Projects

The Pantagraph Covers “The Front Porch Plays.”

Nomad Theatre Company’s Mission is to produce theater outside of the traditional theater space and into locations relevant to the play. The Front Porch Plays are a series of 4 monologues that are intended to take place at your front porch. Truly, this is micro- theatre that moves! Please make sure your group is abiding by Illinois Phase 4 guidelines. Actors that are not performing will be masked.

The Ghostlight Project is a wrap!

We asked writers or playwrights to submit short monologues featuring content relating to this quarantine and/or the current COVID-19 situation. To align with Nomad’s site specific themes, the only requirement was that the monologue is written from the viewpoint of a quarantined character in their own home. The project was a great success. Check out all the monologues at our YouTube channel.

Temporarily Postponed due to COVID-19

“Are We There Yet?

“Raising the Bar.” Nightshop and Fat Jacks (Photos by Tyler Martis)

“The Art Show” McLean County Arts Center- (Tyler Martis Photography)

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