Nomad Theatre Company

Theatre that moves

About Us

Nomad Theatre Company provides an immersive theatre experience by exposing audience members to eclectic and moving stories in site specific locations. New works. New venues. It’s a season on the move…join us!

Creatives: Actors, Directors, Playwrights – join us in our Ghost Light Project.

We are asking any writers or playwrights to submit short monologues featuring content relating to this quarantine and/or the current COVID-19 situation. To align with Nomad’s site specific themes, the only requirement is that the monologue is written from the viewpoint of a quarantined character in their own home.

Submit your work to

Please note that submitting this work means you give permission for the monologue to be performed and streamed live in an online format. Actors & Directors will use online video conferencing platforms for coaching sessions, and a Ghost Light Project monologue will be live streamed through Facebook Live once a week. The number of performances will be dependent on the amount of submissions received.

Help us continue to entertain the theatre community during this time. Message us if you’re interested in acting or directing over Zoom/Skype/Facetime. Spread the word, but not your germs. Wash your hands. Stay well.

“The Art Show”

March 5 at 7:00 pm March 8 at 5:00 pm

Temporarily Postponed due to COVID-19

“Are We There Yet?

“Raising the Bar.” Nightshop and Fat Jacks (Photos by Tyler Martis)

“The Art Show” McLean County Arts Center- (Tyler Martis Photography)

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