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at the Slugfactory


The Warehouse Plays

directed by Jimmy Chrismon

May 4 & 5, 2024


KATAmco by day

The Slugfactory by night

By day, KATAMCO is home of the Toilet Timer (as seen on Shark Tank) and 1-UP cards. By night, owner Adam Stephey turns the space into The Slugfactory hosting unique, private events.

Nomad Theatre Company presents:

Pop-Up HERstory

A spotlight on kickass women who continue to move the world.

Directed by Ashleigh Rae-Lynn

Featuring live performances in the stacks at Normal Public Library

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Take a walk through HERstory...

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re featuring women from your favorite book who have made a mark on history. A spotlight on these women’s stories are straight from the page and brought to life in the stacks, as actors perform monologues or scenes written by local writers in our Bloomington-Normal community.

A collective collaboration: Writers will create their pieces after the cast is determined. Writers will take inspiration from their assigned actor and their woman from history to create an original piece performed exclusively for this event.

Audiences can expect a truly immersive event, as they walk around the library to hear each woman’s story. This will be a family friendly event, as we plan to feature women children will recognize too!

There is no cost to attend the performances at the library. If you’d like to support the fundraising efforts of Nomad, flyers will be available on site with directions on how to make a gift.

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Planned dates are February 10, 11, 13 and 14. Times are determined by you!


Surprise Serenades

A fundraiser for Nomad Theatre Company

Please consider supporting our theatre and partnering as a pop-up location!

Who are we?

What started as a passion project from the hearts of two women in the local theatre community has transitioned into a new non-profit that seeks to present new and existing theatre in site specific locations. Our mission is to make theatre accessible to diverse audiences, taking performances out of a traditional theatre space and into unique locations in our community.

Nomad Theatre is quite literally...

Theatre that Moves

WHo is involved?

Ever heard of a flash mob?

This is like a flash solo, featuring one performer. Here’s a basic outline of who is involved:

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Receiver: the unsuspecting recipient of the telegram, who thinks the gifter is just taking them to a community location to shop or get a treat.

Performers: We are casting performers that will either recite a romantic sonnet, poem, or sing a romantic song, either acapella or with instrumental accompaniment.

You: When ordering a telegram, the gifter will be able to select a participating location of their choice to take the receiver, The time the secret telegrams will take place can be up to you. If you are open 8am-8pm, let us know what period of time works best. (Ideally a 2-3 hour period of time) either in the morning or afternoon or both if you choose!

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Gifter: The patron ordering a telegram for their favorite person.

How does it work?

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In a nutshell

The summary below uses a coffee shop as a location example:

When ordering a telegram, the gifter will select a day, ideal time, and which community location they will bring the unsuspecting receiver. Nomad Theatre works on all the scheduling logistics, and provides a secret code word to the gifter.

The gifter brings the receiver to the coffeeshop around the designated time confirmed by Nomad. The receiver thinks the gifter is taking them for a special afternoon pick me up. The performer is already staged at the location “acting” like a customer in your shop, Maybe they are browsing the bakery items or stationed at a table drinking coffee. The gifter will know in advance where the performer is located. Once the gifter says the code word, the performer breaks out into their short piece, lasting only a minute or so, but making a lasting impact on the receiver. We plan to schedule one pop up telegram every 15 minutes within the hosted time frame; if your shop is hosting from 1-4pm, we estimate around four pop-up performances will happen every hour.

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the perks

  • Your business will be on our map as a location hosting this unique event. Our projects have a tendency to sell out, which means lots of people coming through your door!
  • Supports the mission and development of a new non-profit who aims to increase community partnerships
  • Sit back and relax! We do all of the work, just tell us the best time your business can host a performer and we take care of the rest! You get to enjoy lots of movement and excitement within your business.
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Gloria Mundi was chosen to perform at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival 2022!

When Gloria is visited by an angel of God with news of the second Messiah, she’s convinced she has a second chance at motherhood. but her friend Jody thinks she’s invented a lie to cover up the fact that she’s using again. As the truth unravels, Gloria must wrestle with the demons of her past, Jody must reconcile the specters of his future, and both must confront the very real threat of Harold, Gloria’s recovery counselor. Gloria Mundi takes the audience on an emotional journey that captures the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of redemption. Content Advisory Recommended 13+ for language, addiction, and drug abuse

Awarded Best Full-Length Play by KCACTF Region 3 and Grand Prize Winner of the the Emerging ArtistNew Play Festival at the Renaissance Theatre/Theatre 166, 2022-2023. This 60-minute drama is Getting Out, meets Angels in America, meets an unforgettable story that fills you with equal parts dread and hope for tomorrow.

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We’re brought theatre back to your homes with The Patio Plays, inspired by the previous season’s Front Porch Plays. This show was truly rooted in the community, as we traveled to your patios, porches, or gardens and perform monologues and scenes written by local playwrights with connections to Central Illinois.

The Patio Plays is a site-specific

30-minute theatre experience where a troupe of actors travel to a variety of locations throughout the Bloomington-Normal community and perform monologues & scenes on patron’s patios themed around… well, the patio. The plays are short and family friendly.

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Socially Distanced Site Specific Micro Theatre Delivered At Your Door!

Nomad Theatre Company’s Mission is to produce theater outside of the traditional theater space and into locations relevant to the play. The Front Porch Plays are a series of 4 monologues that are intended to take place at your front porch. Truly, this is micro- theatre that moves!


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"A Covid Carol" written by Pamela Morgan

Reminiscent of the classic "A Christmas Carol", this 2020 Scrooge is taken through time via the virtual web with a classic Coronavirus twist. The story includes all the quirks and life hacks our own virtual lives have had over the past eight months.


Check out the videos on our Youtube Channel

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We asked writers or playwrights to submit short monologues featuring content relating to this quarantine and/or the current COVID-19 situation.

To align with Nomad’s site specific themes, the only requirement was that the monologue is written from the viewpoint of a quarantined character in their own home. The project was a great success.


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Webster’s defines “Art” as, “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination”. It can manifest in painting, sculpture, writing, dance, or…theatre!

For this Nomad Theatre production, we celebrated our creativity!


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“Raising the Bar” features six plays all set in a bar.

Sometimes irreverant, sometimes touching, these plays are sure to entertain as you sit back and eat, drink and enjoy!

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