Pop-Up HERstory

A spotlight on kickass women who continue to move the world.

Open book with flowers

Featuring live performances in the stacks at

Normal Public Library


Saturday, March 2nd: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Sunday, March 3rd: 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 6th: 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.


Normal Public Library

206 W College Ave

Normal, IL 61761

Monologues every 15 minutes.

Arrive anytime within the performance time frame and pickup a map at the front desk or from a Nomad Theatre volunteer.

Take a walk through HERstory...

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re featuring women from your favorite book who have made a mark on history. A spotlight on these women’s stories are straight from the page and brought to life in the stacks, as actors perform monologues or scenes written by local writers in our Bloomington-Normal community.

A collective collaboration: Writers will create their pieces after the cast is determined. Writers will take inspiration from their assigned actor and their woman from history to create an original piece performed exclusively for this event.

Audiences can expect a truly immersive event, as they walk around the library self-guided to hear each woman’s story. Monologues are performed every fifteen minutes. Audience members can arrive anytime within the three hour performance time.

There is no cost to attend the performances at the library. If you’d like to support the fundraising efforts of Nomad, flyers will be available on site with directions on how to make a gift.


Drop us a line at


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Surprise Serenades

A fundraiser for Nomad Theatre Company

Order a surprise Nomad-a-Gram for someone you think is the cat’s meow!

Want to learn more? Check out the details and spread the word!

Once we have a final list of performers and community locations, we'll open orders for Nomad-A-Grams.

How does it work?

Person with Gift in Hands Icon

In a nutshell

The summary below uses a coffee shop as a location example:

When ordering a telegram, the gifter will select a day, ideal time, and which community location they will bring the unsuspecting receiver. Nomad Theatre works on all the scheduling logistics, and provides a secret code word to the gifter.

The gifter brings the receiver to the coffeeshop around the designated time confirmed by Nomad. The receiver thinks the gifter is taking them for a special afternoon pick me up. The performer is already staged at the location “acting” like a customer in your shop, Maybe they are browsing the bakery items or stationed at a table drinking coffee. The gifter will know in advance where the performer is located. Once the gifter says the code word, the performer breaks out into their short piece, lasting only a minute or so, but making a lasting impact on the receiver.

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WHo is involved?

Ever heard of a flash mob?

This is like a flash solo, featuring one performer. Here’s a basic outline of who is involved:

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Receiver: the unsuspecting recipient of the telegram, who thinks the gifter is just taking them to a community location to shop or get a treat.

Performers: We are casting performers that will either recite a romantic sonnet, poem, or sing a romantic song, either acapella or with instrumental accompaniment.

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Gifter: The patron ordering a telegram for their favorite person.

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Drop us a line at


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Featured performers include:

Dave Krostal

Cristen Monson

Brooke Moonan

Lauren Palmer

Jennifer Rusk

Sara Schramm

Michelle Vought

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Schedule a Nomad-A-gram

Sales for Nomad-a-Grams are LIVE!

Wow someone you love this Valentine's day and surprise them with a pop-up singing telegram or sonnet/poem at our participating Bloomington-Normal businesses:

Bobzbay Books

The Garlic Press

The Coffeehouse in Uptown

Shake It Up Cocktail Lounge & Eatery

Nomad-a-Grams are available at participating locations on the following dates:

Saturday, February 10

Sunday, February 11

Tuesday, February 13

Wednesday, February 14

Want to make it extra sweet? We have special add-ons available!

Add on a rose or sweet treat goodie bag from Sweet Somethings By Monica that includes a chocolate covered pretzel, Valentine's themed cake pop, and a meringue cookie!

Thank You Typography Sticker

to the local small businesses collaborating with us for this event!

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Season Announcement

at the Slugfactory


The Warehouse Plays


May 4, 2024

With a matinee of The Warehouse Plays on May 5, 2024

We're stoked to announce that Katamco is the site of our 2024-2025 Season Announcement party and performance of The Warehouse Plays!

ABOUT KATAMCO, LLC - from their website:


The Toilet Timer by Katamco is the perfect gift for the poo-crastinator in your life. Originally born on Kickstarter, the Toilet Timer is a cleverly designed sand timer that gives your favorite stinker 5 minutes to “poop or get off the pot!” Katamco isn’t only passionate about potty humor, they also created the premier line of 1UPcard cleaning products for retro video games and systems."

On special evenings, Katamco shifts to The Slugfactory. Owner Adam Stephey cleverly transforms his space and hosts unique, private events. We're thrilled to work with Adam & Katamco as our host location for The Warehouse Plays.

Our 24-25 season announcement party serves as a performance and a fundraiser all in one to celebrate our inaugural season as an official non-profit . We're celebrating with a performance that showcases our mission of taking theatre outside of a traditional theatre space and into site-specific locations. The Warehouse Plays will feature six, 10-minute plays written by talented local playwrights and are directed by Jimmy Chrismon.

Auditions: March 19 & 20 at 7:00 p.m. @ KATAMCO

Address: 1707 E Hamilton Rd Suite 1U Bloomington, IL 61704

Performers of all abilities, genders, and ethnic and racial backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to audition and participate.

"The Warehouse Plays" are set in the warehouse of Katamco/The Slugfactory and feature six, 10-minute plays written by local playwrights.

Sides will be available at auditions. Complete the audition form in advance and save time!

Summaries of plays and character descriptions:


What if you found the house of your dreams--in a mysterious warehouse? What kind of deal would you make to get it?

TONY, (could be Toni) 20-30, any gender, casually but neatly dressed

AMANDA, 20-30, female, also nicely but casually dressed

THE REALTOR, any age, any gender, dressed in black, perhaps wearing flowing garments

LEFT TO OUR OWN DEVICES by Todd Wineburner

Companies often go the extra mile for clients, but sometimes that extra mile leads to places you'd never expect.

DUKE FESTER--mature male, ideally 40+

RICK or RIKKI BLUNT--any gender, any adult age

WAREHOUSE WOMAN by Pamela Morgan

When Jackie thinks her job is at risk, she takes the opportunity to tell her new bosses exactly how they can improve the warehouse she works in.

JACKIE - 20s - 40s, female, blunt and straightforward, hides her softer parts both literally and figuratively

GRAPPLE SOCIETY by David Krostal

First rule of Fight Club: You don’t talk about Fight Club.

How different would Fight Club be 25 years after the original movie? With 21st century technology and members who are 25 years older? Only fight club members know for certain.

AXEL- 40-60, male

RICKY – 30-60, any gender

LENNY-30-60, any gender

DEX – 40-60, any gender


What do a pinball wizard, a professor, and a proud mama have in common? More than one might think in this short comedic examination of iconography, local indigenous history, and budding romance. If it sounds a little complicated, perhaps it is. But, perhaps, it can all be cleared up with an “Indigenous Intervention.”

Aaron – 20-30’s, male

Laurel – 20-30’s, female

Professor Merlin Mallory –50-60’s, male

Cynthia (Aaron’s mother) – 50-60’s, female


When two people living in different circumstances find they have much to learn from each other it can become a special gift. Never judge a book by its cover or you might never see that gift.

RICHARD- 40-70, male, Caucasian

JEREMIAH- -25, male, African American

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Complete the audition form

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